Tusky is an Android app for the social network server Mastodon.

The app is totally open source, and its source code can be found at Tusky's Github page.

For news and updates, follow @Tusky@mastodon.social.

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Release Direct Downloads

To install these, allowing installation from unknown sources must be enabled on the device. It should be in the device's settings under Settings → Security. More info can be found on the Android alternative distribution options page

Full Releases

  1. Tusky-1.0.0.apk
  2. Tusky-1.0.1.apk
  3. Tusky-1.0.2.apk
  4. Tusky-1.0.3.apk
  5. Tusky-1.1.0.apk
  6. Tusky-1.1.1.apk
  7. Tusky-1.1.2.apk
  8. Tusky-1.1.3.apk (Google Play and Amazon release)
  9. Tusky-1.1.4.apk

Beta Releases

  1. Tusky-1.1.4-beta.1.apk
  2. Tusky-1.1.4-beta.2.apk
  3. Tusky-1.1.4-beta.3.apk
  4. Tusky-1.1.4-beta.4.apk
  5. Tusky-1.1.4-beta.5.apk
  6. Tusky-1.1.4-beta.6.apk
  7. Tusky-1.1.4-beta.7.apk

Early Access Versions

  1. Tusky-1.0.0-alpha.3.apk
  2. Tusky-1.0.0-alpha.4.apk
  3. Tusky-1.0.0-alpha.5.apk
  4. Tusky-1.0.0-alpha.6.apk
  5. Tusky-1.0.0-alpha.7.apk
  6. Tusky-1.0.0-alpha.8.apk

Experimental Versions

  1. Tusky-1.1.1-handshake-test-1.apk
  2. Tusky-1.1.1-handshake-test-2.apk
  3. Tusky-1.1.4-bc-test-1.apk